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Original Oil Paintings by Artist and Illustrator, William McLean Kerr

Ailsa Craig and ArranHello and thank you for visiting my online art website. I am a Scottish artist and illustrator and on these pages you’ll find a selection of paintings, drawings, illustrations and fine art prints which I have created over the years.

I feel very privileged to have a career which brings me so much pleasure and I am grateful to all my many customers, students and the art gallery owners who have supported me and helped make this possible. 

Some of the paintings shown below have already been sold but if you are interested in any of them please contact me as I can paint something similar for you. I am happy to accept art commissions. I am also an illustrator and I accept commissions for illustration work. You can view larger versions of the paintings and illustrations in the gallery below by placing your mouse pointer over them. They will close when you move the pointer away from them.

Learn to draw book - Essential Drawing Skills

William McLean Kerr's Essential Drawing Skills. Read all about it and buy on-line here >

While holding art classes and workshops over the years, I've seen many of my students become frustrated at some point or another with their paintings and drawings. It wasn't just those who were in the early stages of learning to draw and paint by any means - a large number of them were very competent but, at times, they too became just as frustrated as the beginners. It quickly became obvious that a lot of their difficulties - and frustrations - were usually caused by one common problem. In their enthusiasm to get on and produce a drawing or painting they had spent less time than they should have studying and learning a few drawing skills - including (that dreaded word) perspective!

These skills are so important and are not difficult to learn. Once known, they will be used time and time again - whether to make realistic finished drawings or to create a solid foundation for a painting - and will bring you immediate, gratifying results. This prompted me to write and illustrate a book to explain all these skills and to reveal some of the secrets and techniques Ive learned over the years. For more information about Essential Drawing Skills, and to order online, please click here.


Original work and Art Gallery 1

Crail Harbour Painting

Original Oil Painting - Summer Sunset, Arran 10 x 30 ins. Oil

Original Oil Painting - Finnieston Crane Glasgow

Original drawing in charcoal and graphite Original Oil Painting - Sunset over Dunure 20 x 32.5 ins. Oil Original Oil Painting - Edinburgh Sunset 8 x 13 ins. Oil Painting of Puffins

This gallery of my paintings and illustrations includes (from left to right).

The original oil paintings and drawings shown will hopefully give you a flavour of my style of work and if you would like to find out more about these, or commissioning a painting or drawing, please send me an email to info@williamkerr.co.uk.

You can also telephone me on 01563 830962.

I also carry out illustrations and other art work and I will be pleased to give you any help and advice you need.

The range of fine art prints shown on this site are for sale and they can buy them online. Details of these and how to purchase them can be found by clicking the ‘Fine Art Prints’ button above.

Call me for an informal chat or if you prefer you can use my online enquiry form.

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