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How to draw bookEssential Drawing Skills

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learn how to drawThe importance of learning how to draw accurately

Good, accurate drawing provides the foundation for all drawing and painting if our finished picture is to be a good likeness of our subject matter. No matter how good our knowledge of colour is - or how good we are at creating tone in a pencil drawing - the structure of our picture will quickly suffer if we dont start with accurate drawing.

Essential Drawing Skills is a book for those who wish to draw accurately, whether to make realistic finished drawings or to create a solid foundation for painting. It's been written to quickly help you develop your artistic ability by teaching you the essential skills that you will use time and again in all your work.

Learn to draw 2It's not difficult to learn how to draw

These drawing skills aren't difficult to learn and can be used in all future painting and drawing, whether working in oil, water-colour, acrylic, pastel or pencil. Essential Drawing Skills will teach you all you need to know and with clear easy to follow instructions, over 300 illustrations and practical examples, it really is not difficult.


Learning to draw 4Drawing skills you will use time and again

Although you are guided through these exercises in an easy, step by step format, they are not simply showing you how to copy a drawing - you will be learning skills along the way that you will use time and time again. They will help reinforce your learning and quickly become second nature to you.



Learn Drawing See immediate results in your work

If you invest in Essential Drawing Skills and spend a little time reading and carrying out the exercises it will greatly improve your drawing and give you confidence to tackle more challenging subject matter. With over 300 illustrations and clear explanations and instructions, you will soon realise that perspective isnt difficult to learn after all and this alone will bring immediate, gratifying results in your work. This will inspire you to tackle more challenging subject matter - or perhaps re-visit an earlier drawing or painting that was giving you problems - and this will build your confidence in your work.


Essential Drawing Skills covers:

... and there's a large section of hints and tips which will further help you improve - and enjoy - your drawing and painting! 

(Previously published in electronic format as William McLean Kerr's Guide to Drawing.)

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William McLean Kerr has been drawing and painting for over 40 years and has taught art to a wide range of students in schools, further education and private workshops. His career has included several years in television as a graphic designer and illustrator and several years running a graphic design consultancy. He has worked as a professional artist and illustrator from his studio on the west coast of Scotland since 1996 and his original paintings and prints are held in collections as far afield as the USA and Australia.

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